Zero Joker is a Level 5 Dark Magic spell. This spell can be learned by the Hero/Heroine if they chose Dark Magic. THis spell is stronger by night and weaker by day. It is very effective against Light Magic characters.


Front Row Edit

In the front row, you begin with a magic circle which is followed by the characeristic Dark symbol on the floor beneath the opponent(s). The Dark symbol will then burst with black light that will flood the screen. A grim reaper will rise from behind the opponent(s). A scythe will appear and spin before slicing into the target. Damage is dealt.

Back Row Edit

In the back row, everything is the same except once you get to the grim reaper part. The grim reaper will rise once again but this time two scythes will appear and spin in unison; one clockwise and the other counterclockwise. THen they will cross and slice through the opponents. They will finish in the shape of an "X". Damage is dealt.