Yggsalad is the Holy Tree found in Assam. On the map, the tree is seen at the Northwestern part of Gren, and is clearly distinct form the other trees due to it's size.

History Edit

Yggsalad is huge and therefore very old. It is full of treasure chests, hinting that a civilization once lived inside of the tree, keeping their treasure hidden.

When talking to the salamanders, the player will learn that the Pirates kicked the salamanders out of the tree and started chopping down the forest in order to build Assam. The salamanders are usually angry when talking about the pirates, saying that they have no respect for the trees.

Although the salamanders say that they once lived in Yggsalad, there are no shops nor inns inside of the tree. This is probably because the salamanders had such respect for nature that they didn't want to build anything.

Appearance Edit

  • Yggsalad from Assam MapGo to Assam
  • Yggsalad from Gren MapGo to Gren
  • Yggsalad from Carbonora JungleGo to Tropica Village

Yggsalad is massive. It can easily be seen from the map of Gren. At its roots, Yggsalad is covered with smaller trees.

Yggsalad is hollow, and has an entrance amongst its roots. It has many floors which are all connected with vines. Leafwiches can also be found inside, wood magic users who wear leaf hats.

Yggsalad has many levels, some of which have treasure chests inside. A lot of vines lead to dead ends. Some vines reveal monsters.

Since the inside of the tree is like a maze, the Space Pirates assign pirate otters to guide the way to go. Otters will stand next to the correct vine, which does not lead to a dead-end.