Wind talon

Wind talon as used by Lassi against Ant Lion

Wind Talon is the Level 1 Wind Magic spell. This spell can be used by Lassi who is the Wind Magic user in your party. It is stronger when powered by Puffoon when it is bathed in the yellow light. It is weak against Wood Magic users.


In the front row, Wind Talon begins with a magic circle, followed by two yellow flashes which erupt into a spinning yellow cyclone of wind energy. This cyclone releases two attacks of five blasts each. One circles around and hits the opponent from their left sides and the other one hits them from the front. Damage is dealt.

In the back row, Wind Talons once again begins as usual but this time, the two attacks fly upwards and disappear. Then they circle down and criss-cross. One blast appears again on the top screen doing a spinning trick. Then the two blasts hit the opponents, one attacking the rear row and the other attacking the front row. Damage is dealt.