Wind Starsign

Wind Starsign

Wind Magic, is a type of Magic that manipulates the surrounding air. It can create winds, knock objects around and even blow away enemies. Wind Magic is influenced by the orbit of the Wind Planet, Puffoon.

Wild Wind Magic is used to start up machines, create winds and to make objects move.

Lassi is the Wind Magic user in your party.

List of AttacksEdit

List of Wind Starsign CreaturesEdit

  • Choker
  • Skylancer
  • Funguroach
  • Rairbit
  • Anisoptera
  • Slashback
  • Boomeranger
  • Airpony
  • Hybrena
  • Happiloon
  • Wanderanger
  • Feather Vane
  • Pandemon
  • Shyclone
  • Horus
  • Manmoo Rider
  • Condemned
  • Haroeris
  • Clockwork Goat
  • Gazellebear
  • Short-fuser
  • Whimsy Bolt
  • Balloonfish
  • Dust Punisher

List of Wind Starsign BossesEdit