Wild magic is the ability a magician has to practice magic of their own starsign out of battle.

Wild magic is first used in the beginning of the game to open up a door that led to the rockets back in Kovomaka. The player is instructed by the door to show their power by clicking on their starsign symbol. At this time, the Hero/Heroine is the only member of the party.

Since opening the door, wild magic is used throughout the game


How to Use Edit

Wild magic can be used when the player taps on their pockets, located at the bottom left of the lower screen. When tapped, the pocket should empty, and should show the starsigns of the party. The player can choose the starsign that they want to use by tapping on it.

In Use Edit

Chant Edit

MS starsigns

The starsigns, without the Dark starsign

Once the starsign is tapped, the character associated with the sign (unless it's the Hero/Heroine) will say a chant, and once the chant is finished, the wild magic will begin.

Wild Magic Edit

Wild Magic

Lassi's wild magic

Once wild magic is used, one of the following will appear, depending on the starsign:

Starsign What first appears What appears if used correctly
Light White Stars White Screen
Dark Dark Purple Stars Dark Purple/Black Screen
Wind Feathers Tornados
Earth Rocks Boulders
Wood Leaves Green Fireworks
Fire Flames Huge Flames
Water Water Droplets Waves

If the wild magic is used in the right situation, the screen will soon fill up with either stars, tornados, boulder, leaves, flames, or water droplets. If not, the magic will die down.