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I have lived here for, oh... 1,000 years? I lost my body ages ago. Just up and misplaced the fleshy thing. I was sad about it for a while, until I found this great stick, and I thought, why not run with it?

—Twigadamus to Lassi

Twigadamus is a character who lives in Honey Mint. He can predict the future with his crystal ball, which allows the party to see what lies ahead of them. 


Twigadamus is a very old character, and says that he has lived in 'here' for over 1,000 years. It is unknown if he means he has been living in Honey Mint or if he has been living in his body for over 1,000 years. Despite his long life, Twigadamus has never met Miss Madeline, although he says that he would like to.

Twigadamus has been able to retain his long life by switching bodies.

It is also said by an Ambergris Prep student that Twigadamus once attended the school.

Personality Edit

Twigadamus is a very kind character. He is not only knowledgable, but he also shares his wisdom with others. He helps others see the future and in the case of Brioche, does not let them give up on their dream.

Relationships Edit

Twigadamus is friends with Brioche. It is unknown if he is close with any other characters.

Name Origin Edit

Twigadamus' name comes from the word twig.