Tropica Village is the felin village in Gren. Several important characters are found here, such as Pico, Semolina, Farina, and Durum. As most other civilizations in the game, the village has an inn, a ruler, and a shop. Unlike most other civilizations, however, it has a fortune-teller.

Appearance Edit

Tropica Village

Tropica is slightly smaller than most villages in the Baklava Solar System. It has reddish-tan buildings that are decorated with tribal print. In the center of the village, there is a brown stage with two sticks poking upward. This is clarified to be the place where Tropica keeps its prisoners.

Buildings Edit

Tropica Village holds a fortune-teller hut, resident houses, a store, a hotel, and the ruler's house.

Tropica and Honey Mint are the only two towns that have fortune tellers. Gamelan is the fortune teller that resides in Tropica. Her hut is decorated with purple curtains and a pink carpet, as well as a purple chair and a crystal ball.

The houses in Tropica are double-room houses. The interior usually has a bed, a desk, and a potted plant.

Tropica's store appears as a slightly larger building than the rest of the houses, although inside, it appears to be the same size. It has an average amount of items on sale for average prices.

The hotel in Tropica costs lower than the average hotel to stay in. It has a counter and six beds with pinkish-tan bedspreads.

The ruler's house is the biggest building in Tropica. It is located in northern Tropica and has two large rooms. The first room has a potted plant, a carpet, and a chair, and the second room has a table and a chair.