Sturgeonis the principal of Ambergris Prep. The party first meets him when they visit Ambergris Prep. Sturgeon can predict the future, like Twigadamus and Gamelan.


Sturgeon is over 800 years old. He went to school after Miss Madeline and is in awe of her power. He used to study a lot, although he never read the Book of the Darned.


Sturgeon is a kind, joking character. He is in awe of Miss Madeline and is younger than she is. He is a good-natured and matter-of-fact man. It can be assumed that he acted a bit like a studious version of Pico when he was younger.


When the party is in Ambergris Prep, Sturgeon asks the party to retrieve the water milennium gummy. He will then tell them that Miss Madeline is on Nova, and refuses to tell them any more about their futures.