Potfolk getting ready for the festival

The Starfall Festival appears once every 200 years. Before the festival, all Potfolk in Paella will be very excited for the event, even a traveling putty will show up for the occasion. The pots replenish their numbers by creating new pots with clay, glazing them and then bringing them to life at the Starfall Festival. Each pot is given a name a place in society and is fully grown at birth.

Starfall festival gif

The starfall festival

Pre-Festival Edit

Before the festival, the Potfolk will be in a mad rush to get clay. During this period, two pots will even go inside a Dragon's Cave in order to get the clay they need. In the end, they end up getting the best clay Elder Kettle has seen in a long time.

During the Festival Edit

When the festival begins, shooting stars will fall across the screen, and Elder Kettle will say a chant in order to usher life into the pots. Pico will move towards Sorbet, but Sorbet will move away, fascinated by the new Potfolk. If the Hero/Heroine is a boy, Lassi will confess her love during this time, if the Hero/Heroine is a girl, Mokka will confess his love. The festival ends after the party sleeps in an inn.

While sleeping at the inn, the player is shown a scene in which Sorbet is looking at the stars, with Pico soon joining her. Pico will ask why she is leaving Will-o-Wisp Academy, and Sorbet will respond saying that her family can't afford tuition.