Spiny Mole♂ of Erd

The Spiny Moles of Erd are an important species in the storyline. The Spiny Moles' entire capital city is underground and they seem to have a fairly extensive digging field.

Rulers Edit

The King of the Spiny Moles, King Gorgonzola, is assisted by Minister Munster, both of which are very good friends.

Enemies Edit

Spiny Moles are a mainly subterrenean civilization that are constantly battling with the Ant Queen for space and worms. They also seem to have a war with the Robots most likely over space where they come up onto the surface.

Spiny Mole♀ of Erd

Wormy Paradise Edit

They seem to love to eat worms and have even declared of a "wormy paradise" which is stated by Lassi as "I never knew those two words could go together..". Gorgonzola is very enthusiastic when the Hero/Heroine and Lassi return with the Diggy Claws. He is almost like a little kid who is loyal yet tends to get overexcited over small things. He believes that the Hero and Lassi are the two heroes prophesied in the Book of Light and the Book of Darkness.

Troubles End Edit

The Spiny Moles become neutral with the robots when the player returns to the planet when searching for the Earth Millenium Gummy. They even begin to trade in some cases.