Semolina is a main supporting character in Magical Starsign. Her home is Gren and she is a Felin. Semolina was put in charge of watching over and protecting Farina, Durum's daughter.

Semolina is an abused character for Durum blames her for anything that happens to Farina, no matter how hurt Semolina is herself.

History Edit

Semolina has been watching over Farina for years. She is bossed around by Durum, Farina's father, and never takes a stand for herself.

It is unknown what happened to Semolina's parents. Semolina's past before she started working for Durum is also unknown. It can be assumed that Semolina is only sightly older than Farina.

Personality Edit

Semolina talks

Semolina talking about Farina

Semolina is kind and compassionate. She cares a lot about Farina. Semolina is also best friends with Farina. She talks a lot on the quiet Farina's behalf.

Relationships Edit

The only people Semolina really seems to talk to are Durum and Farina.

  • Farina is one of Semolina's only and best friends. Both have a lot of trust in one another.
  • Durum is Semolina's boss and is not particularly friendly with her. He verbally abuses her and blames her for almost anything, although she seems barely older than his daughter.