Salamander (M)


Salamanders, are native to the Wood Planet of Gren. They are a nature-loving civilization who shun the Felins and the Otters for their destructive nature towards the natural world. The Salamanders are notorious for constantly SLURPing while talking. This does complicate what they are saying but the meaning is given.

History Edit

Salamanders used to live within Yggsalad the Holy Tree before being displaced by the pirate otters. They are the ones who know of the anthropophagus (people-eating) flower and warn the Hero/Heroine and the party from getting too close.

Salamander (F) Pink Form


When the Salamanders were forced out of Yggsalad, they set up camp in the Salamander Cave where they hole up until the pirates leave. Also, by the reaction of the salamanders, using magic is rare among them as one of them began to freak out after learning that Chai could use magic.

Name Origin Edit

The salamanders are named after soups.