Radish (♂)

Radishes are small plants that are scattered throughout the planets in Magical Starsign. They are buried in the ground usually, and must be plucked in order to activate their text boxes. They offer useful information to newer players, and can remind you of things forgotten if you've played before. There are both a male and female version of the radish. The female has a yellow bow and two small eyelashes on each eye, but otherwise, are the same as the males.

After being uprooted from the ground, they will begin to wander around their relative location and will repeat their advice upon asked.


Radish (F)

Radish (♀)

The first two radishes you discover are discovered Where The Stars Sleep. The next place is on the planet Cassia, mainly where Mokka's spaceship is crashed. Radishes are also found on the second plains on Puffoon and in between Paella and Macaroon on Razen.

Tom YumEdit

Tom Yum is an Egg character which is of the wood alignment, like Chai. It, like other egg characters, has to be hatched from an egg recieved in Tag Mode. Tom Yum is a Thai soup.

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