A putty

Putties are mentioned throughout the game and appear on almost every planet. When talking to the putty on Puffoon, the putty will say that it is on a quest to find the rest of its putty friends. The putty on Cassia will appear to be frozen solid when the planet is covered in ice, and will tell the player about the aquarino when unfrozen.

Personality Edit

Generally, putties seem to be happy creatures who like to travel the world. They can get easily excited and are very optimistic. When talking to the putty on Razen, it will say that it is excited for the Starfall Festival, although it originally had no idea what it is. When it finds out, it explains everything to the party.

Turning Into A Putty Edit

On Nova, the player can turn into a putty that is their opposite starsign. In order to do so, they must go downstairs in the light palace and go through a door on the left. They will emerge as a putty coming out of the door on the right with the opposite starsign. Only the Hero/Heroine can turn into a putty.