Wind Planet, Puffoon

The wind planet, Puffoon (Cotton) was the original destination of the six classmates before getting entangled in the Space Pirates/Space Police's grand plans. Puffin is also where the party finds Chai and the wind millennium gummy.

Places Edit

Bena Rikashi Edit

This is the home planet of the Space Police who have their very unhelpful headquarters in Bena Rikashi. Bena Rikashi is likely to be the largest city in all of the Baklava Solar System. It has a futuristic look and even has its own Spaceport! Humans live throughout this city.

King Suspiro is the current king of Bena Rikashi and was fooled by Master Kale many times. Kale's labratory is in the eastern part of the city.

Honey Mint White Caramel Fudgeflake with Melty Butter and Syrup and Whipped Cream on Top Edit

The only other used settlement is a town at the southernmost tip of the planet called; Honey Mint White Caramel Fudgeflake with Melty Butter and Syrup and Whipped Cream on Top, commonly shortened down to Honey Mint. One resident of the village is unhappy about the shortening of the name. This village is home to a rabbit-like people who greatly resemble Lassi. A fortuneteller named Twigadamus who one day walked out of his body, forgot where he left it and instead took up residance inside of a stick.

Couscous Ruins Edit

The Couscous Ruins are floating off to the east and are only accessible by growing a vine beside Master Macadameus who gives you experience for every Bean Pop you throw at him. He also takes the shape of figurine objects that you toss at him allowing you to battle him. The recommended level in which to actually fight him and have a chance to win is Level 99.

The Wind Millenium Gummy is the final gummy that you get and is located in the Couscous Ruins.

Inhabitants Edit