Principal Biscotti is the principal of Will-o-Wisp Academy on Kovomaka. He graduated from Ambergris Preparatory School and is supposed to be over 800 years old.

Story Edit

Principal Biscotti calls Miss Madeline to his office at the beginning of the game, telling her that one of her students, Kale "he calls himself Master Kale now," is causing trouble on Puffoon. He asks her to go take care of Kale, and then promises to watch her class while she is gone. When Miss Madeline is gone, Biscotti is said to keep repeating "It should have been me (that left to take care of Master Kale.)"

Principal Biscotti also found Mokka in a small curiosity shop and enrolled him in Will-o-Wisp Academy.

Personality Edit

Not much can be said about his personality except for that he is a large authoritical figure, but he can also be kind.