So what do you say? Do we have a deal?

—Pizza to Hero/Heroine

Pizza is a character that appears as a top hat on the ground throughout the game.

Use Edit

When you talk to the top hat, Pizza will emerge from it and offer to make you a warp point that you can teleport to, with the price of one sugarstar. When the warp point is created, you can warp in front of Pizza's hat when it works. Sometimes, warp points don't work. This is usually because the player needs to go through an obstacle on the way to the warp in order to complete or start a quest.

Dialouge Edit

Pizza can talk quite a lot to convince you to give him a sugarstar. When talking to him, he will say:


Pizza trying to convince the player to get a warp point

"Hey HEY! You, my friend, are in the right place at EXACTLY the right time! Why, you ask? Well listen to this! If you give me a sugarstar, I'll create a warp point for you here! Once I've got this warp point set up for you, you'll be able to warp here any time you like. So what do you say? Do we have a deal?"

Upon this the player can respond with yes or no. If they say no, Pizza will respond with:

"Fine, fine. I can wait. Just come on and talk to me if you decide you want that Warp Point after all. Be seeing you!"

If the player says yes, Pizza will say:

"And just like that, it's all taken care of. Wasn't that easy? Anytime you want to warp, just pop your ol' Magical Navigator open. Easy! Right then, be seeing you!"