See, I'm a lone wolf. And that's just how it's gotta be. So...see ya 'round!

—Pico to Hero/Heroine

Pico, also known as Pomodoro (ポモドーロ Pomodooro), is the mage with the Fire Magic. Just as the majority of the main cast have little to no known histories, likewise, not very much information is known about Pico, other than that he is also a student at Will-o-Wisp Academy. It is mentioned that he's failed his classes several times, and implied that he is older than the other magicians in his class as a result, while it is also mentioned he taught himself how to use magic. He joins the party later when the Hero/Heroine, Lassi, Mokka, and Chai land on the Wood Planet of Gren in order to save Sorbet. Besides Sorbet, it is shown that Chai is possibly his best friend. When he joins, one can use his fire abilities to make Bean Pops, which can be used for experience on Macadameus on Puffoon.

Like the Hero/Heroine, Pico's stats are very similar and average, except for his high strength, which stands out. Unlike the main character, Pico works much better in the front, taking attacks and dishing out massive damage with his fire attacks.

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The description of Pico that comes at the beginning of the game. "Hotheaded Pico, a student of fire magic, thinks he's a born leader. His temper, however, says otherwise."


Pico, both pigheaded and hot-blooded, considers himself to be the leader figure of his group of friends, despite the main character being the real one holding them together. It could be argued that Pico is the most talkative one in the group due to his high opinion of himself. Because he managed to learn how to use magic all by himself when he was little, he also believes he's a real hot-shot, to the point where he always tries to be the hero in dire situations. He is very arrogant, proud, and stubborn. However, he seems to have a soft spot for Sorbet, since he is constantly trying to show off in front of her and is protective of her. It is shown a couple of times in the game that Pico claims Sorbet as his girlfriend. The hothead does his best to look over her, no matter the consequence or how rash.

Possible Love Interest?Edit

It's hinted in the game that Pico has a crush on Sorbet and possibly Sorbet thinks fondly of him at times.

Hints of Pico/Sorbet Pairing:

  • At Assam, Pico is caught calling Sorbet "his girl" after one of the Space Pirates pushes her down.
  • Pico is the only one of the whole group to ask why she is leaving Will-o-Wisp Academy on Razen.
  • During the Night of the Falling Stars Festival on Razen, right after the baby pots are born, Pico tries to get closer to Sorbet, only to have her step up closer to the baby pots (it is shown that she did not do it because of this, it was because she was fascinated by the baby pots).
  • Before arriving to Nova, Pico checks on Sorbet, who is sad from thinking that all her friends would forget her after the adventure ends.


Name Origin Edit

Pico de gallo

Pico de Gallo is a salsa containing cilantro, chopped onions, chopped tomatoes, and chopped peppers

Pico is short for Pico de Gallo, which is a salsa containing cilantro, chopped onions, chopped tomatoes, and chopped peppers. You can often find this salsa in Mexican dishes to add some spicy zest. However, dipping tortillia chips in Pico de Gallo is not uncommon.

Pico's name suits him because of his 'hot' temper. As well as this, his corresponding magic planet- Razen- contains significant areas named after Mexican foods, such as the area Jalepeno Wastelands.