Peatmoss is the spiny mole's town underground. The party can access the city by dropping though the entrance, which is a hole in the ground, and can return to the surface by asking a mole to throw them back to the surface.

Appearance Edit

Peatmoss as it appears from the outside

Peatmoss as it appears from outside

Peatmoss appears as a nicely furnished, well-kept hole underground. It is extremely posh and the King's hall could be compared to the palace on Nova if not for the dirt floors and walls. There doesn't appear to be any villager's homes, although there is a shop, an inn, a library, the King's hall, and a digging site.

Rooms Edit

Peatmoss has an inn, a king's throne room, a store, and digging grounds.

Inn Edit

Peatmoss's inn is called Sweetroot Inn, and appears as a cozy inn with six beds. Although the inn is quite pricy, it is nicely decorated, with white lace and pink bedspreads.

Throne Room

The King's throne room

Throne Room Edit

The king of Peatmoss is named King Gorgonzola, and he has descended from a long line of kings, all named Gorgonzola. The throne room is separated into two parts; a part with the actual throne, and a library where the player can read books.

Store Edit

The store in Peatmoss is averagely equipped, with average prices.

Digging Grounds Edit

Peatmoss is the only known town to have digging grounds. Its digging grounds appear as areas of dirt with the occasional hole inside, which the player can jump into.

History Edit

Peatmoss has had a long history with its neighbors.

Ant Queen Edit

The first enemy of the town that the party learns about is the Ant Queen, who has been digging up everything for food, which the moles have seemed to nearly run out of. Once she is defeated, the moles will praise the "heroes" and give them gifts.

Robots Edit

The other enemy of the town are the robots. When the party returns a second time to Erd, however, it appears that they have found peace and even trade with each other.


Spiny Moles inhabit Peatmoss

Inhabitants Edit

The inhabitants of Peatmoss are very polite, helpful people, although some may be more intelligent than most. When the party arrives, the King and Prime Minister call them the "heroes" that were destined to come to help them in "times of need." They also remain kind throughout, and are eternally grateful when the party defeats the Ant Queen. Later on, the moles even help with some quests that require digging.