Otters are the only known natives on the Water Planet of Cassia, other than the Water People. This civilization is one with its ups and downs. The Otters are a proud people who are very friendly and nice. They never get rude to the main character and don't even seem to really fight back when the Space Police invaded Port Pescato. But, the Pirate Otters are Cassian Otters by birth and have joined up with the Space Pirates for excitement. The Otters seem very ashamed by this and have refused to mention it except when one, Courtney, who shames some others for attempting to stop the Hero/Heroine and the rest of the party from taking the Aquarino from Nata de Coco.

Otter (M)


The Otters live in seashell-like homes and have a main town of Port Pescato. Otters also seem to be warm, humid climate lovers and were always keen on expressing how cold they were during the first visit to Cassia. They are helpful but can be very distrusting to one another especially after being cold for a very long time. They don't seem to live anywhere on Granule Island.

They have human names, much unlike the other civilizations.

The otters also have many stories and even have a local storyteller. One of was of the Fire Otter, an otter who learned to use fire magic. The Storyteller is located in the north-west part of Port Pescato.