Lt. Mugwort is a boss that practices Wood Magic in Brioche's house in Honey Mint.

Space Police HQ Edit

Lt. Mugwort first appears as a Space Police officer in their headquarters on Puffoon. You first meet him while the party is trying to file a case against the pirates, which doesn't work. Mugwort will be in the bathroom and will demand you to get him a roll of toilet paper, and will then meet with you. He will say that he will personally file a case for the party and ushers them out of Space Police HQ.

Honey Mint Edit

When the party meets Chai in the back of Brioche's house, Lt. Mugwort and Brie Pourri will fly in, Brie kidnapping Chai and Mugwort attacking the party. Before attacking the party, he says, "you little cheese-weasels are subject to immediate punishment! You can't outrun or outsmart the LAW." He has surprisingly high HP, and high power attacks. It is a good idea to have Lassi in the back, healing the group. By this battle, everyone should have their second spells. When Mugwort is defeated, Brioche's dad will give a "donation" of 20 million bira to Mugwort, who then leaves the party alone, and the party then meets Twigadamus.

Attacks Edit