Kovomaka is a small planet on the edge of the Baklava solar system. People who live on it apparently have trouble believing there are other planets, and people on the other planets are unsure that Kovomaka even exists.

Appearance Edit

Kovomaka resembles the planet Earth in many ways. It has clear oceans befriended by continents. Kovomaka relatively strange clouds, and a spiral-like atmosphere. It is the only planet to be completely spherical. The player only remains on Kovomaka for a short time at the beginning of the game, and cannot return there after leaving. Kovomaka can be seen from the water planet Cassia.

Will-o-Wisp Academy Edit

Will O Wisp Academy

This is the home of the Will-o-Wisp Academy. Will-o-Wisp is referred to as the top magic school when the player visits Cassia. The academy appears as a pink, tall building with several blue towers on top from the outside.

Will-o-Wisp has two main floors, and a secret third floor that contains the rockets the Hero/Heroine uses to fly to Erd. The first floor contains Principal Biscotti's office, several classrooms, and a statue of Biscotti. The second floor contains some locked door, probably more classrooms, and the door to the third floor.

Since Will-o-Wisp is the only place the player visits in Kovomaka, not much can be said about the rest of the planet.