Honey Mint White Caramel Fudgeflake with Melty Butter and Syrup and Whipped Cream on Top, more commonly shortened to Honey Mint, is a town located in southern Puffoon.

Inhabitants Edit

Honey Mint is home to mostly rabbits similar to Lassi, although it does have a village fortune teller (who is a talking stick) named Twigadamus.

Social Status Edit

The rabbits of Honey Mint are usually described by the people in Bena Rikashi as a poor village who are often interrogated by Space Police for no given reason, although one officer does hint that it may be because of the rabbit's fashion sense.

Personalities Edit

The personalitites of the villagers range from ambitious to easily angered to easily satisfied.

Appearance Edit

Honey Mint has no sorts of guards or even a ruler, although most of the town looks up to Twigadamus for support. The buildings are made up of trees that have been hollowed out, some leading to bigger yards. The town has an inn, a shop, villager homes, and Twigadamus's (fortune teller) room.