Gummy Frogs are the most common type of items for recovering HP. 

Mv gummy frog

Green gummy frog

They are found all around the solar system, It's said that if you catch them too much they will start to disappear. They come in a variety of colors.

Exploding Frogs Edit

In a cluster of gummy frogs, there are usually one or two gummy frogs that will explode and hurt the party members. The exploding gummy frogs appear the same as the other gummy frogs, but the amount of damage they do is minor. Most of the exploding gummy frogs are green.

Green Gummy Frogs Edit

Green gummy frogs cost 20 bira and heal 150 HP. They are the most common and can be found on nearly any planet. When found, they are usually found in large numbers, unlike blue and red gummy frogs, which are usually found with one or two more frogs of the same color. They are apparently apple-flavored.

Blue Gummy Frogs Edit

Blue gummy frogs heal 400 HP. They are the second most common frog and can be found more often than not with green gummy frogs, although mostly in groups of two or three. They are apparently soda-flavored. These usually don't explode because they are so uncommon.

Gummy frogs

Cave on Razen where all colors of frogs can be found.

Red Gummy Frogs Edit

Red gummy frogs heal 800 HP. They are extremely rare and can only be found on select planets. There is one red gummy frog in a cave on Razen. If they are found, there is usually only one red frog among a group of both green and blue gummy frogs. They are apparently strawberry- flavored. They never explode because of their rarity.

Table Edit

Info About The Types Of Frogs
Type of Frog Rarity Cost HP Restored Chance of Exploding Flavor
Green Common 20 bira 150 HP Uncommon Apple
Blue Uncommon 400 HP SUPER rare Soda
Red SUPER rare 800 HP Never Strawberry