Gil Mudflap

Gil Mudflap

Gil Mudflap is the boss you must defeat after trying to follow Sorbet in the Capsicum Caverns. He is an Earth Starsign boss of the Space Police. In battle, he has two Buck Privates who aid him in battle. He is based around smell-type attacks which follows up with the comments of nearby Space Police officers who comment on his stench before fainting. He is seen calling Abalon Demar but it is unknown if there is any family relation at all.

Gil Mudflap is typically called an "annoying boss" due to his habit of using attacks that ususally cause effects such as Sickness or Blindness. At first he will either use Blinding Stench or Sickening Stench. As their names suggest, one gives the status condition of Blindess whilst the other makes the party Sick. However, these two attacks also damage his Buck Privates.

Gil Mudflap also uses Bossy Push. In this attack, Mudflap will use one of his Buck Privates as a trampoline and deal around 350 damage to one character! But this also damages his Buck Privates. A word of advice, the two Buck Privates have a lot of HP and therefore are difficult to beat but after defeating them, Gil Mudflap will only be able to use Blinding Stench and Sickening Stench.

You will get a Pigheaded Hat after defeating Gil Mudflap.