WFire Starsign

Fire Starsign

Fire Magic, is a type of Magic that is based upon the power of fire, that is influenced by the Fire Planet, Razen. Fire magic's only use is simply burning things. It just burns this, burns that and burns everything.

Wild Fire Magic is also used to burn. For example; you burn a spaceship, seaweed and Gren itself was on fire at one point.

Pico is the member of your party who can use Fire Magic.

List of AttacksEdit

List of Fire Starsign CreaturesEdit

  • Chippermunk
  • Sniffles
  • Merlechaun
  • Atomic Firebat
  • Guyclops
  • Lava Lumpling
  • Fireclaw
  • Gurglegut
  • Ember Jackal
  • Permalava
  • Foul Fly
  • Swurly
  • Mechanibex
  • Brawliflower
  • Pigeonator
  • Stag Lizard
  • Charred Tree
  • Rainboar
  • Scorchberry
  • Mossworm
  • Sacrificer
  • Firebelcher
  • Violent Joe
  • Ant Noble
  • Crabador

List of Fire Starsign BossesEdit