Farina, is another main supporting character and is also found on Gren. She is also a Felin and is best friends with Semolina. Her father is Durum and he is a very overwhelming figure in her life, constantly restricting her.

Farina is a magician and can use magic powerful enough to kill a Mojo after it has been weakened. It is unknown what her Starsign is, but it is implied that she is a Fire Starsign.

History Edit

Farina has been the princess of Tropica for a very long time. She was tutored at home, but boys in the village say that they dream about marrying her because of her beauty.

It is unknown what happened to Farina's mother, but her best friend, Semolina, has raised her since she was young.

Personality Edit

Farina is a very strange character. She does not speak throughout most of the game. She seems to be interested in death, as at one point in the game, she collected dead creatures and buried them inside of a pot. She would stare at the pot all day during this time.

However, Farina also is caring. She has rescued the party once before from a Mojo.

It can be said that Farina craves adventure, but her father keeps her locked up inside of the village. She is also not afraid to rise to the occasion.