Erd (Hikarabita) is the earth planet were the main character begins their journey. The planet is mostly made up

Earth Planet, Erd

of desert area and mountains, which are inhabited by Robots, Pyrites, and Spiny Moles.

Inhabitants Edit

Spiny Moles Edit

The city of Spiny moles is located on the western side of the planet underground. The Spiny moles' mortal enemy is the Ant Queen who is obviously competing with the Spiny moles to expand their underground civilizations. She is the second boss to be vanquished.

Robots Edit

On the surface however, the robots have dominated the land since the Espresso civilization. They have built a robot town called Rio Villa not far from the Spiny Moles' entrance to their underground home. However, they were also at war with the Spiny Moles' most likely because of expansion of territory and probably the usage of Spiny Moles for gummification.

Human Life Edit

The now extinct civilization of Espresso used to be the sentiant life in this area, but later were eradicated for gummification purposes.

Stone Giants Edit

There were also nine stone giants inhabiting the island, one being Tektos, who is killed when he sacrificed himself to kill Magnus Muzzleflash. It is also hinted that the secrets of yogart have originated from the planet Erd. This is fully unknown.

The Earth Millenium Gummy is the fourth gummy to be found and is the soul of Tektos, the stone giant.