Elder Kettle

Elder Kettle

Elder Kettle is one of the most looked up-to pots in Paella. It could be argued that he is the closest thing to the ruler of Paella, although it isn't directly stated in the game.

Personality Edit

Elder Kettle is an extremely wise, kind, and generally calm pot. He does not get angry at all throughout the game. Although there are no direct instances where Elder Kettle helps the party, he does give the party three sugarstars during the Starfall Festival.

Appearance Edit

Unlike most pots, Elder Kettle is blue and has yellow markings. Also unlike most pots, he has hair and ears, as well as a nose and colored eyes. The shape of Elder Kettle is also different form other pots, he represents a vase or a drinking pot.

History Edit

Not much can be said about Elder Kettle's history. He is the oldest known surviving pot and was most likely given life during the Starfall Festival, like other pots. He has no known friends, although it could be said that he has close ties with Celadon.