Crystal Laser is the Level 2 spell for Light Magic. This spell can be learned by the Hero/Heroine if they chose Light Magic. This spell is stronger by day and weaker by night and is effective against Dark Magic characters.


If the user is in the front row, the spell will begin after the normal magic circle with Light energy being summoned into the user. Then the magic will be brought together before being fired at the target as a bright white laser. The white energy will also surround the caster. The light will radiate out in streams at equal intervals apart. Damage is dealt .

If the player is in the back row, the same will happen except now, the laser will fire up into the sky. Streams of light will shine from the laser. Then six lights will shine down onto the enemy's field, one blue, one green, one orange, one yellow, one purple and one pink or red. Then the white laser will descend very quickly and in a white flash, impact the enemy's field. Damage is dealt.