Celestial Swap is an unrelated Magic attack which is not directly tied to any element. It and a few other spells, do not are not any element and so are "neutral" or "unrelated".

Celestial Swap allows the user to move the planets to power up or power down their team mates or opponents. It does not however, allow the caster to manipulate the day and night cycle - only Erd, Cassia, Gren, Puffoon, and Razen.

The caster may also, not be able to move the planet's backwards - only forwards. The planets being aligned will only happen two or three times in the game, depending on what happens in your game.

At the beginning of the game, the planets will be aligned and that is just the starting point. The next time the planets are aligned is when the Hero/Heroine opens the Stairway to Shadra (planet). For some people, this will be the last time the planet's will align but for those unlucky/lucky people - Master Chard will attempt to align the planets to perform a devastating attack upon the team.


Celestial Swap is like any other spell, and begins with a magic circle. This magic circle is different by the different symbols circling the user.

Then the user will strike the casting pose and a gleam of greenish-blue light followed by several twinkles of the same color. Then the Astrolog screen will be pulled down from the top and the planets can be manipulated at will.