Celadon is the barriersmith of Paella. He built the barrier that protects the other potfolk inside of the city from harm, and is said to be a great magician.

Appearance Edit

In the game, Celadon appears as a purple, decorated pot, much more colorful than the other potfolk, which are beige with a green stripe at the top.

Personality Edit

Celadon uses his magic to shield the party from Master Kale's magic, so it can be said that he is protective, but it can also said that he is very wise. However, he is not humble, as he does brag about the town's barrier.

Barriersmith Edit

As a barriersmith, Celadon has gained quite a lot of respect among the potfolk. He does not shy away from it, instead, he does brag to the player about his work and powerful magic.

Barrier of Paella Edit

The only barrier that Celadon made that the player goes through is the barrier of Paella. It appears as a white circle with symbols inside of it, possibly the starsigns, with bright blue mist coming out of it. It is hinted that enigmas can not pass through the barrier.