Cassia (Rig Maha) is the water planet. Most of the terrain consists of a sea or beachlike area. The natives to this planet are commonly Otters. The planet of Cassia is completly frozen over upon first arrival in the beginning of the game, and home to the Aquarino; water that does not evaporate or freeze.


Water Planet, Cassia (frozen)

Eastern Island Edit

On the eastern island is located the school of Ambergris Prep founded by Craaken himself and the Holy Water Pyramid which belongs to the Water People. The Water People are ancient race that lives on Cassia and guards the Water Millenium Gummy.

Western Island Edit


Water Planet, Cassia (unfrozen)

The player lands Nuemann on the Western Island when going to Cassia. The Western Island holds the village of Port Pescato, where the otters and dwarves live. Detective Beignet is also found on this island.


The otters on Cassia have a legend that when their world first froze over, one otter learned how to use fire magic and used it to keep the otters warm. It is said by them that when the planet goes into another Ice Age, the fire otter will return to keep the otters warm once again.

Inhabitants Edit

Semi-Bosses and Bosses