Brioche is a rabbit-like character similar to Lassi that lives in the village Honey Mint. He helps the party find Chai, who was last seen running away from the Space Police, and introduces the party to Twigadamus, the village fortune teller.

Appearance Edit

In the game, Brioche appears as a rabbit with green hair and a orange and white cloak. He also sports a white hat and long ears that hang down, similar to other rabbits.

Personality Edit

Brioche is a very ambitious and determined character, although he is also kind and helpful. Whenever he appears in the game, he always helps the party and is especially nice.

Personal Ambitions Edit

In the game, Brioche states that he has always dreamed of opening his own restaurant. He also tells the party that he has saved up over 20 million bira, which can be seen in a piggy bank inside of his house. However, Brioche's father, Cresson, ends up "donating" the money to Lt. Mugwort so that the Space Police will leave his son alone. Although Brioche ends up crying, Twigadamus tells him that he "sees" Brioche cooking in a world-class kitchen in the future, which comforts him.

Relationships With Other Characters Edit

Brioche is nice to everyone in the game, but there are a few special people he has a special relationship with.

  • Twigadamus seems like a second parent figure to Brioche, comforting him and generally being especially kind to him.
  • Cresson is Brioche's father and seems to look out for Brioche, although he also scolds Brioche quite harshly for getting into trouble with the Space Police.
  • Chai seems to be good friends with Brioche, and Brioche even offered his own home as a safe house for Chai to stay in when he is running away form the Space Police.

Name Origin Edit

Brioche is a light, sweet yeast bread typically in the form of a small, round roll. A French pastry, it has high egg and butter content, making it rich and tender.