Brie Pourri

Brie Pourri

Brie Pourri is the head of Gren Security in the Space Police force. She is the daughter of General Knucklestorm who was once the head of the Space Police and now is in exile in the Couscous Ruins.

First Meeting Edit

When you first meet Brie, she is part of the "beaurocratic navigational course" that you encounter upon trying to receive help from the Space Police, which proves unsuccessful. She is the head of Gren Security, most likely set up to prevent anyone from messing up with the Space Pirates who were gathering magicians on Gren.

Then, she is seen flying away with Chai after she and Lt. Mugwort show up at Brioche's house in Honey Mint on Puffoon, much to the horror of Brioche's father. You do not battle her at this point but instead you battle Lt. Mugwort.

Second Meeting Edit

The next time you encounter Brie Pourri, you find her waiting on the bridge into Bena Rikashi. She tells you King Suspiro want to talk with you. You don't see her until a little while later.

Third Meeting Edit

During your navigation through the Couscous Ruins you will encounter her, and be forced to battle her.

Brie Pourri is a Wind Starsign Boss who is fairly powerful. She starts off the battle with Cyclone Waltz, a move that sends one character up into the air, who'll drop back down after a while. The character will receive about less than 300 damage upon returning to the battlefield. She can use two moves during her turn and most likely she will use Sonic Sabre. Sonic Sabre is a strong attack that is difficult to predict who it will hit in battle. It deals around 350 damage each hit. She can then use Wind Talon that does around 150 damage to each character. Brie's final move is Celestial Swap which she will use to power down anyone who's aura is powered up.

After defeating Brie you will receive the Airy Sleeves.

After this you will enter into another building where you will encounter General Knucklestorm. The Odd Beetle shows up and Brie tries to save her father. The Odd Beetle attempts to attack her and General Knucklestorm jumps on its back and stabs it. The party presses the emergenecy release button and Brie collapses to the ground.

After battling the Odd Beetle, Mokka states that he cannot detect a pulse from within Brie. Her father rememebers memories of her in the Space Police force. Then, the beetle turns into the Wind Millenium Gummy. Upon appearing, the gummy revives Brie back from the dead. The party takes the gummy and leaves her and General Knucklestorm to their family reunion.