The battle screen is what comes up during a battle. This is where the player will be able to control his or her party in a fight.

Format Edit

Top Screen Edit

The top screen holds information that the player can check during a battle, including stats, a magic chart, and the planet's current position. All of this information can be navigated using the star icon on the bottom left of the lower screen.

Lower Screen Edit

The lower screen allows the player to control his or her party. When a specific character's turn comes in battle, the player can then choose what action the character will do. All of this is explained by Miss Madeline at the beginning of the game.

Magic Chart Edit

Magic Chart

Magic Chart

This is the chart that the player can choose to use during battle. It has the fire, wood, wind, earth, water, light, and dark starsigns. The magic chart shows the player which starsign is strongest or weakest against which. So, fire beats wood, wood beats wind, wind beats earth, earth beats water, water beats fire, and light and dark are both strongest and weakest against each other.

Planets Edit

Baklava Solar System

Planets positions

The planet's position is another thing that the player is able to observe during a battle. When the planet is in it's color, it's starsign is currently empowered. The positions are constantly changing.