Assam is the Pirate-infested village near Yggsalad, the Holy Tree. The Salamanders say that the tree was once inhabited by their own kind, until they were kicked out by the Pirates. Like most villages or towns in the game, Assam has an inn, a store, and several villager's homes. 



Assam is surrounded by a wall. It has two entrances: a back entrance and a front entrance.

Gatekeeper for the pirates

The otter who guards Assam

The front entrance is guarded by a pirate otter .

The back entrance is guarded by an ape, who can be distracted by a nearby banana tree.

There is no way to get inside of Assam without using these entrances.


Assam has a dock and a main village. It was very well built, even if it was modified by the pirates.

The village homes are more similiar to homes on Earth than the village homes of other planets. For example, these homes are made of brick. The homes of Assam have distinctive red roofs.

Assam has an inn and a shop. The inn is run by a pirate , and uses beds similiar to the ones in Peatmoss, only red. The shop is also run by a pirate.

The streets of Assam are brick and are lit with lanterns. 

Peacock Fish Map

The dock

The dock hovers in the air and is meant for flying ships to land on. It is made of wood and most likely was built after the pirates invaded it.


Assam is inhabited by pirates. It is highly likely that only Otters live there, as well as possibly Lord Persimmon. However, neither Master Chard nor Master Kale can be found here.