Heroine using Arclight


Hero using Arclight

Arclight is level 1 spell that the Hero/Heroine starts out with if he/she is Light element. This spell is good against Dark characters, and is powered up during the day. This also causes it to be weaker at night.


If the character is in the front row, the attack begins with the magic circle and then the player's pose. This will then create two sparkling light orbs two fire at the opponent while constantly revolving in a double helix before clashing together on the target. Upon hitting the target a flash of light erupts flashing across the screen. Damage is then dealt.

If the player is in the back row, the magic circle and then pose will begin same as usual. Only this time the two light orbs will revolve upwards to clash above the player's head, resulting in the light flash. This will summon a larger orb of light that will come speeding down like a comet and send shockwaves of light energy out. This will create another flash of light. Damage is then dealt. It might be less damage because it is diluted when used upon a larger area then just the one target.